The love within a family is indescribable and the relationships are incomparable. No matter what age or stage in life you are at, a family portrait is an opportunity for you to capture the love and relationship you have with those dearest to you. It’s important for your parents, for your children and for the generations that will follow. To be able to look back at those special times is priceless.
WHEN  -  Family portraits can be done at any time of the year and at any stage in your family life.
We recommend you think of what location might best express your lifestyle. Are you outdoors people

and would the beach or a park say more about your family, or does the family home hold some important history or meaning? The location you choose may influence the time of day you would have your shoot, as light in portraits is so important. We're happy to discuss the various options and help you plan the perfect family portrait.
WHAT TO WEAR  -  Clothing should compliment, not dominate the portrait. Bold patterns, stripes and distinctive logos can over power the people in the portrait. Solid colours, subtle prints and classic casual clothing are always complimentary. For visual balance within your family portraits have

everyone dressed in the same tones or colour theme, i.e. all in light or all in dark, all in blues or all in neutrals. This certainly does not mean everyone must have matching outfits, simply clothing that‘s in a similar in tonal range, resulting in a more pleasing portrait, ensuring that one family member does not stand out more than another. Make-up should be used to highlight the features and contours of your face. Foundation should be smooth and provide an almost flawless finish, wear make-up just a little heavier than you usually would. Stick to neutral tones such as brown, gold and beige for your eyes. Don’t over use lip-gloss, lip colour should appear slightly darker than your skin tone.