10 months or 10 years, young children are a joy to photograph, they can be so candid
and a professional portrait truly captures their character and spirit forever.
WHEN  -  This depends on the age of your child, but we suggest working your shoot around your child’s usual routine and book your sitting for when they are at their very best. For many young children this is first thing in the morning, after their morning sleep, or straight after lunchtime, older children are a lot more flexible and anytime of the day can work. Allow approximately 60-90 minutes for your shoot,

so when considering a time for your portrait be sure to keep this in mind.
WHAT TO WEAR  -  For younger kids bring along any favourite teddy’s or security blankets as this makes them feel more at home in a new environment and they make for more personalised props within the shoot. Clothing should not dominate a portrait and as difficult as it can be, especially with kids clothing, keep away from bold patterns, stripes and distinctive logos as they can over power the child in the portrait. Solid colours, subtle prints and classic clothing are always complimentary. Denim is forever and not likely to date, but we do recommend that you bring at least 3 changes of clothes for your child’s portrait so we

can get a variety of different looks, most importantly though make sure your child is comfortable.
If in doubt bring along a selection and we can help you decide on the day.