Life passes by so quickly that often we forget to stop and capture those unrepeatable moments in our lives. Moments such as the love shared between two people, the joy and excitement of expecting a baby, or looking our very best and freezing that moment in time. Whether it’s the beauty of youth or the wisdom of age, having a professional portrait creates years of enjoyment and leaves a legacy for future generations to appreciate their family history and enjoy special moments from the past.
WHEN  -  A personal portrait can be done at any stage in your life. For pregnancy portraits we

recommend you shoot any time from 7 months onwards. Different mums ‘show’ at different stages and we find mums feel more comfortable with their changing body just before they start filling out at the later stages of pregnancy. Nude and semi-nude studies can either be done in the studio or on location, the best time to shoot will depend on location and light. When you book your personal portrait we will discuss details regarding wardrobe one on one. The studio has a collection of wardrobe options for our studio pregnancy shoots and we advise mums to wear skin coloured hipster briefs and a strapless bra.
Dads can wear plain black or white boxer shorts and a matching singlet or t-shirt.

If you would like to do some location shots as well, look at our gallery for some ideas.
For couples or individual shoots refer to the PLAN IT page for ideas on wardrobe. Make-up should be used to highlight the features and contours of your face. Your foundation should be smooth and provide an almost flawless finish – wear your make-up just a little heavier than you usually would. Stick to neutral tones such as brown, gold and beige for around your eyes. Don’t over use lip-gloss and keep lips medium to light in colour, lips should appear slightly darker than your skin tone.