Pippin has won many prestigious awards and some of those have been for her exquisite Surrealographs. A surrealograph is just that - a surreal photograph, an image from the imagination, it allows you to become just about anything your heart desires and it tells a special story. These images are quite often created from several original captures and are seamlessly merged together to create the final art piece.
Surrealographs are commissioned portraits much like what a painter would do. Pippin approaches each creation on an individual basis and gets to know as much about you as she can before

conceptualising each unique piece. What is your history? What are your dreams and fears? What is most important in your life? What are your hopes for the future? Many factors go into these masterpieces such as the environment it will hang, the overall mood, feel and look of the portrait, and the finish of the final piece. As part of the initial design process Pippin recommends a visit to your home to ensure that the design, scale and finish of the portrait will be perfect for the space you are planning to hang it.
As Surrealographs are highly designed portraits, Photography by Pippin sources costumes, props, hair and make-up, location and styling to ensure the final result is perfect. Highly sort after and exclusive to

Photography by Pippin, Surrealograph prices are all inclusive of personalised consultations, hair and make-up, services, photography and design and start at $3500. To enquire about these amazingly unique portraits, please fill in your details on our ENQUIRY form.